Jan 9, 2008

Lion of Judah anointing in CKRM Power ministry

Some weeks ago I caught the anointing of Lion of Judah in CKRM meeting. It really amazes me that I could really roar my lung out.

When you roar, you are roaring against principalities and powers in the spiritual realm. I remembered when I had the Lion of Judah anointing on me, Pastor Paul encouraged us to roar against the religious spirits in Singapore Churches my entire being ROARED.

What is the anointing of Lion of Judah? It is given to Christians to speak forth the word of God, usually with demonstration of power and authority “like a Lion”. The act of roaring releases what’s being tied up, something happens in the spiritual realm, you push back the spiritual darkness and forces

I was surfing the net today and found out some good articles on the Lion of Judah from Fresh Fire Ministry.

Charlie Robinson says in the website that "When we roar like a lion, when the Lion roars, something happens in the spirit—the seven thunders of God will come. We’re going to see the seven thunders spoken of in Revelation 10. God is going to judge His enemies. There is a roar of the Lion that is coming in the body of Christ"

What are the seven thunders by the way? God revealed to Charlie Robinson that “The seven thunders are seven judgments on the seven seas and the seven continents. They are not judgments on people. They are judgments on principalities. When they begin to happen, tremendous catastrophes will begin to hit the earth and people will die and get hurt. But God not judging people in the sense of directly judging people. (Why?) Because of the prayers of the saints that have gone on in those areas of the world. They will literally call down God's glory and and power and things will get judged and there will be catastrophes.”

My spirit was very excited when I read the posting.

You can read all on the Lion of Judah's anointing here in this following link :


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Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria

I googled to find out if perhaps there was something on the Internet about the roar of the Lion of Judah and came upon your blog.

About two years ago a guest speaker came to our church here in KL and called me out from where I was sitting in the congregation. When he laid his hands on me I began to quake and then ran at full speed ahead although I had no clue why I did that. I could also not stop as I was not in control. When I came back to him I stretched out my right hand (in the manner of Superman in flying motion) and let out a big roar and ran again as fast as my legs could carry me, the whole while not knowing why I did what I did. I remember the preacher said something about the roar of the Lion of Judah and I roared a second or third time with the congregation bursting out in laughter much to their amusement. No one told me what that was all about and I did not think about asking anyone else. Incidentally, the theme of the church event was 'Run With The Wind; Catch The Fire.'

A little less than a year ago I 'roared' again. This time it was the second last day of our 21-day fast and our senior pastor felt a sudden need to minister deliverance to a lady who had recently joined our church. As he called for the ministry team I felt a sudden urge to go forward to the pulpit area and I both marched and surrounded the ministry team with a dance routine, all the while realising I was not in control of my movements and every step that I took was being supernaturally choreographed. (I am not a trained dancer and had never had this experience before). Incidently, they have also passed around a red hanky to every present member at the beginning of the service and while I was wondering what to do with the red cloth, my hand went into circular motions while holding the scarf). While I was twirling and encircling the ministry team there was also an intervening moment when - unexpectedly - I lunged, glared and snarled at the demoniac who was by then lying down with her eyes closed while being administered to by the deliverance team. To make the long story short, she did get delivered and the whole delivery process went smoothly. Nevertheless I was not a member of the ministry team and remember thinking hard at that time about the whole thing and getting a headache as a result. (I thought I had looked like the demoniac myself!) My consolation was that my senior pastor did not stop me from doing what I was doing although I did get some enquiring stares from some other people when the service ended. I had always thought that I would be in control under any kind of anointing but that was the first time I experienced being under the control of Another with every hand movement and step that I took.

To sum it all, it was a glorious occasion and I also felt waves of joy and a tangible glow on my face as the glory of the Lord swept over the entire congregation. I wish sometimes my pastors or someone would step forward and assure me that it was ok with them when I reacted out of the ordinary. However, my purpose in writing to you is to thank you for your blog. At least I know there are some people out there with similar experiences. Thanks also for including the link on your blog where I could find out more about the roar of the Lion of Judah.

Blessings to you always.

Kuala Lumpur